Hair Loss Prevention

Hair loss is a circumstance that literally affects millions of men and women in the United States, as well as across the globe. Female hair loss may not be as apparent as male pattern baldness, therefore prevention of further hair loss may be the best option. In some cases, the conditions that cause female hair loss can be treated with a doctor-prescribed medication, preventing further hair loss. For males, prevention may be an option; however, hair loss treatment options usually include medical hair restoration and surgical hair transplant.

Not all hair loss is permanent. Various medical conditions and treatments can cause hair loss, but when the condition or treatment is over, the hair naturally grows back. Below are examples of various treatments for preventing hair loss, depending on its cause:

  • Hair Loss from Stress or Diet: Simply put, improving your diet and reducing stress levels, can help prevent hair loss.
  • Hair Loss from Fungal Infections: Keeping your hair clean and not sharing hats, brushes or hair care will prevent fungal infections of the scalp. Hair loss from a fungal infection requires oral medication or special shampoos.
  • Side Effect Hair Loss: Hair loss resulting from a drug or treatment side effect does will usually cease once the treatment or medication is stopped.